2 Michael[1], a Crystal Angel[2], is a prime angel, wielder of the White Flame, and first among the secondborn.[3]

2 Michael in his stone armor

2 Michael in his stone armor

History Edit

2 Michael spent thirty Kalpa guarding Throne, until the arrival of the Conquering King[4].

After Zoss killed him and the other Prime Angels, he was the first one to reincarnate and naturally became the leader of the Concordance of Angels.[5]

When the Shattering happened and the Compact was broken by humans, somehow 2 Michael's body was pierced by three spears[6], which also pierced his true form. It is unknown if the spears pierced first his true form or his stone armor. It seems that he cannot pull the spears out, as he still wears them when banishing 82 White Chain[7].

Now leading the Concordant Harmonies, 2 Michael is 82 White Chain's demanding master[8]. When 82 White Chain returns to the Concordance, 2 Michael gives them a lesson of history and behavior[9] [10] [11] . As 82 seems to contradict him, 2 Michael become angry and shout at them, ordering them to remove his helmet[12]. At the horrible sight of 82 White Chain's human face, 2 Michael banishes "her" to the Void[13].

But it was only a subterfuge to give 82 White Chain a mission in association with the Holy Thorn Knights[14].

2 Michael in his true form

2 Michael in his true form


2 Michael is cunning and wise[15]. He is a harsh master, but doesn't like to use more violence than necessary[16] [17].


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