82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil

Transliteration 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil
Classification Angel
Gender None
Occupation Peacekeeper
Affiliates Concordant Harmonies
Debut KSBD 1:14[1]
Status Active

White Chain, whose full name is 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil, is an angel and a peacekeeper of the Concordant. They are the first person whom Allison encounters outside of Earth and functions as her guardian while she carries a Key of Kings.

Because of their immense knowledge of Throne's geography, laws, and culture, as well as their skills as a peacekeeper, White Chain is uniquely equipped to protect Allison and provide context about the world around her.


White Chain is first seen in the den of Omun Vash, the master of the Golden Pearl Pleasure Guild. Vash appears to be guilty of smuggling and slavery, but the gangster denies any criminal activity. When Vash realizes he cannot dissuade White Chain, he motions a minion to kill them, but Allison tumbles through an alcove, crashing into the assassin.[2]

Using the 47 Empty Palms, White Chain clears the room of guards, but Vash escapes in the foray. White Chain thanks Allison for saving them but fails to notice she has been knocked unconscious. White Chain then witnesses the Key of Kings lodged in her forehead and rushes her to a private room.[3][4]

Three days later, Allison awakes with a bandage over her key. White Chain offers her coffee and sternly suggests that it is available only if she proves compliant. When Allison attempts to introduce herself, White Chain interrupts and accuses her of being Vatra, adding that she needs to be detained pending an investigation. This merely frustrates Allison, who throws a coffee pot across the room.

Relenting, Allison and White Chain drink coffee on a balcony which overlooks the expanse of Throne. Allison questions why White Chain seems hesitant to speak with her; White Chain explains she traveled by means of powerful magic reserved for the most fearsome people in the world. As White Chain attempts to discern her purpose, the angel discovers how little she knows about her position and formulates a plan to visit Cio in Hell 71.

On their way out, White Chain offers Allison a cup of blue devil liquor and the two depart on a decommissioned prime angel which has been repurposed as a bus.[5] Allison initially hesitates to board, but the fear of being left behind causes her to reconsider.


Allison and White Chain share a meaningful conversation about who the former is.

The two separate briefly and Allison tries to wake herself up, thinking she is dreaming. Meanwhile, White Chain apprehends a blue devil by the name of Number 1 on the whereabouts of Praman Nand. After a routine search both they and Number 1 agree Allison does not pose a threat, something which deeply worries the angel.[6]

White Chain then asks Allison about her place of origin and discovers she is from Earth. The angel reveals that her world is just one of many Earths and guesses that Allison's origin world has yet to be conquered. Furthermore, White Chain notes that their current location lies at the center of a vast array of universes.

Allison and White Chain soon depart for Hell 71 after White Chain retells a brief history of the world. They are halted momentarily when Allison bumps into Preem Nungsis, but White Chain apologizes profusely. Allison piques the curiosity of Pree Ayis, who assumes she is White Chain's concubine. White Chain denies this claim and the two head out shortly after to the lair of Praman Nand, master of the Gilded Cage Guild.[7]

Atop a huge, overcrowded precipice, a blue-skinned man warns that White Chain is not welcome. White Chain pays him little attention while Allison stands astounded at the sight. White Chain then calls for them to descend and mentions that she should be on her guard.

As White Chain navigates the crowd, Allison becomes distracted by the various vendors and is approached by Maya. White Chain calls her back to them and the two soon meet up with Nand. White Chain quickly explains that their next move will appear controversial but that she will have to trust them.


White Chain bows to Praman Nand before making him a deal.

Showing false deference to Nand, White Chain wagers a trade: Nand will get possession of Allison while White Chain will gain access to Nand's sex slaves. Nand obliges, pleased to play with a new "doll", and orders his daughters Sweetie Pie and Honey Bunch to escort her to the brothel.

Nand's daughters are first to reach the brothel where the bookkeeper Cio had already gotten word of their arrival from Number 1. Cio welcomes the daughters nervously but White Chain suddenly disposes of one of them, showing they had no intention of fulfilling the deal.


White Chain reveals the key to Cio.

As White Chain defeats Honey Bunch Cio becomes hysterical and sarcastically asks whether anyone is trying to run a business. White Chain merely responds that they are merely doing his duty as a peacekeeper. Cio begins to retort, but White Chain reveals the key under Allison's bandage and comments that he needs her help, as Cio is the only person to have stolen a Key of Kings.

In trying to figure out what just happened, Cio and Allison begin shouting over each other and White Chain becomes gravely serious. Recounting the history of the demiurges, they are suddenly cut off by Cio, who claims their version of the story is boring. White Chain manages to resume where they left off, and finally notes that an insecure key could rekindle a second universal war.


Delicious ambushes White Chain, leaving them an empty shell.

Suddenly a needle appears in White Chain's head, seemingly killing them. The assassin is revealed to be Delicious, an angel accompanied by his master Omun Vash.[8] With White Chain's body nothing more than an empty shell, Delicious and Vash attempt to kidnap Allison as a panicked Cio figures out what to do.

Shortly after, Throne erupts in an all-out war over the key. When Allison is almost killed by Eris-Lo Kai, Cio appears in the midst of battle carrying White Chain's empty shell.[9] Then, using the Art to form a wall of paper soldiers, Cio attempts to hold off the attackers, but berates Allison for her uselessness.[10]

By drawing the needle out of his eye, Allison manages to bring White Chain back to life. But instead of showing empathy, White Chain blasts her for causing all the trouble and calls her an "idiot girl". Allison then responds by saying, "I have a fucking name."[11]

82 eyes open

White Chain reanimates in a stream of blue fire.

For a moment White Chain relents and admits they have placed Allison in a difficult position. But this thought is cut short by Delicious, who assaults White Chain from the rear. As they fight, both angels find themselves evenly matched while Cio and Allison make their way out of Hell 71.

Suddenly, Praman Nand intervenes and ends the fight with a massive stream of fire that burns away most of the combatants. Nand then starts a bidding and offers a significant bounty to the person who retrieves Allison. When other people begin to bid for the key, Delicious comments that White Chain should consider their line of work because it includes much less failure.



White Chain with their crest flared.

White Chain is characterized by ambiguous sexual features which cause others to perceive them as a female.[1] Allison originally remarks that White Chain's body has stone-like qualities and since she referred to them as a "lady", it is implied their voice is sexually indistinct or feminine.[12]

On the outside, White Chain is grey and appears to be embedded with various holes. However, this is merely their armor, as their true form is immaterial and needs to be bound to a physical object.[13][14] When White Chain is emotionally charged, essence erupts from their eyes, head, and the orifices in their body as a sort of blue fire containing turquoise eyeballs with red irises.[15][16]

Initially it seems as if White Chain has no eyes, but it is later revealed that they open if the situation is dire.[11] Usually closed or obscured, White Chain's right eye seems to open when the angel is serious or upset. So far White Chain's left eye has only opened once when they were reanimated and fearful of punishment from the the Seven. Underneath their helmet, it is revealed White Chain's face is feminine, with a battle scar over their left eye and fire resembling hair.

When on duty, White Chain can be seen wearing a more complex outfit than usual. Their uniform includes lightweight armor and full-length pants while their head crest is fuller, forming an ornate semicircle.[1] It is later revealed this crest can be flared at will if White Chain needs to enforce their authority.[6] Around their person he wears a red-beaded necklace that contains a badge of the Concordant Harmonies.[17][18]

After they rescue Allison, this outfit becomes simplified and White Chain no longer keeps their crest flared. They go bare-chested instead of wearing armor, but keep the necklace.[18] On their waist the angel wears simple brown shorts that are held to their body by a wrap.



White Chain bows to Preem Nungsis after Allison bumps into him.

White Chain is tough, pragmatic, and efficient. They can be cold, interrogating Number 1 without hesitating,[6] or polite, as demonstrated when they encountered Preem Nungsis.[19]

However, this is not the case with everyone they meet; White Chain is shown to be hotheaded, stubborn, and arrogant when people fail to cooperate. They seethe when Cio interrupts their storytelling[20] and loses their temper when she and Allison fail to understand the danger of an insecure key.[18]

After seeing the turmoil in Hell 71, they even goes so far as to berate Allison when it is their negligence that gets her captured in the first place.[11]

One of White Chain's defining traits is their conflicted relationship with the sexless nature of angels and the genderless role that this is considered to imply. They become agitated when people refer to them as female and are quick to correct those who assume they are such.[2][12]


As an angel and peacekeeper, White Chain is widely feared and vilified for their abilities. Preem Vash, the influential leader of the Golden Pearl, shows nervousness upon meeting White Chain[1] while their presence seems to cause a stir in the House of Cockroaches.[21] They are shown defeating an entire room of Vash's men singlehandedly, and the angel manages to hold a conversation with Cio while banishing Praman Nand's daughters. During the Battle of Hell 71, White Chain seems to be more concerned about the threat of the Seven than the danger of standing in the middle of a combat zone.

Still, Delicious effortlessly defeats the angel with a well-timed ambush and White Chain is unable to overcome their counterpart in actual combat.[8][22] Upon meeting Allison, White Chain claims to be unsure of how long they could restrain a Vatra, though this hesitation may have stemmed more from the presence of the key itself.[12]

47 Empty Palms


White Chain takes out Sweetie Pie.

White Chain is a practitioner of the 47 Empty Palms,[12] a discipline that they invoke after reciting the Prayer:

Pree Aesma
Ys-Asram (the Blooded One)
Ys-Prama, Hansa, and Prat Payam (who temper my heart)
YISUN Atru Vyam
Forgive me for this violence I am about to inflict.[2][22]

In using this system, White Chain can rapidly maneuver their hands to attack nearby enemies or to defend themself. 47 Empty Palms does not appear to be limited to upper-body movement though, as White Chain is shown using a flying knee kick and a two-fingered neck jab to overcome Nand's daughter.

Through a mixture of their natural abilities and the 47 Empty Palms, White Chain's abilities in combat are quite potent, being able to match Delicious's raw speed using only defensive blocking techniques. When Delicious attempts to stab White Chain with the tip of a sword, White Chain is shown countering the blade with just the length of their little finger.[23][22]

This system's finishing blow involves a powerful thrust called "Empty Palm Vanquishes the Wicked."[23] The force behind this move is so great, enemies in the vicinity are sent flying or forced to take cover while the air is displaced in a miniature sonic boom. Nevertheless, its power is insufficient to seriously injure Delicious.[22]


  • White Chain is in their liquid state, meaning they are still considered young for an angel.[5][13]
  • Cio's treatment of White Chain calls their personality into question. Based on how often White Chain recites the Prayer, it would appear they dislike fighting. However she refers to them as a "mad dog", so they may be overzealous when it comes to keeping the peace.[24]


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