Aesma's Spine is a location in Throne.[1] All of the Multiplicity are absent from the Multiverse as they self-annihilated by Division in the forging of the Wheel.[2]

Aesma's Spine is the tallest structure in Throne (excluding the Red City), if it can be called a structure. It is where the warrior-hermit devotaries of Aesma gather in large numbers on their endless pilgrimage.[3] The followers of Aesma are usually warrior-hermits who disdain society and live a ragged and violent existence. They are good drinking partners.[4]

Her devotees, which includes the Belligerent Knights, gather in a giant mosh pit where they party and punch each other to commune with their god. Some sections of petrified bone are chipped away so pilgrims can "do a line of the spine".[5]

The creation of her universe (which was a giant fuck you to YISUN/everything) was so violent that it scattered her body parts all over the Wheel. A subset of her devotaries journey to find them so that they may reassemble and resurrect The Metal God.[5]


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