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Aesma and the Three Masters, Parts III and IV
Ksbd 4F3

Chapter 4
Release November 14, 2014[1]
Previous Aesma and the Three Masters, Part II
Next KSBD 4:68

Aesma and the Three Masters, Parts III and IV is the third non-paginated offering of chapter four of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventy-third offering altogether. It concludes "Aesma and the Three Masters".[1]


Main article: Aesma and the Three Masters

With the Master of aesthetic defeated, Aesma seeks out the Master of ethics. But on her way to the Master's estate, a heaving sea of pilgrims blocks her way and Aesma kicks a dog, who forces her to carry its fleas for a day. When the seemingly flawless Master accidentally kills a flea, Aesma returns to YISUN's speaking house with victory in tow. There YISUN reveals that Aesma is in fact the strongest, but she becomes confused by his response.[1]

Bonus Material

Secret Text

Reach heaven through violence[1]





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