Au Vam
Title(s) Pankrator
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler of Vesh
Status Unknown

Au Vam is a writer, cultural icon, and the king of Vesh. As Pankrator, Vam commands the legendary Middle Army, making him Meti's former commanding officer. Famous for his aphorisms, he is attributed with writing Fifteen Ways of Ruling in DE 1559.

Fifteen Ways of Ruling

Fifteen Ways of Ruling is a work of literature attributed to Au Vam. Written in DE 1559, it contains details about the qualities needed for kingship.


Let the ruling king always keep a clown about him and on his council, and let the fool babble on what he like, and relentless mock the king and all his grand and royal plans and designs at the idiot's discretion. For there is no greater councilor than one who will clearly speak truth to folly.[1]


  • It is a fool that mistakes a princess for a weakling, for she carries the tower in her heart, and upon that chthonic root dark and terrible edifices may grow.[2]
  • Do you understand the true power of a sovereign? A raw man must kill with his bare hands. The battered warrior, a weapon. The commander, his bellowing voice, the conspirator, a whispered word. But all these pale compared to kingship. A true sovereign need not flex a single muscle in his body, and a hundred men die. A true sovereign may murder without a single impulse, or even intent, sight, breath, or even though of his murder. He is an idiot indifferent to his own violence. He has sublimed the act of obliteration.
    That is the meaning of kingship."[3]


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