Ciocie Cioelle

Also Known As Cio
Classification Blue Devil
Gender Female
Occupation Fan Fiction Writer, "Historian", Bookkeeper (former)
Affiliates Gilded Cage Guild (former)
Debut KSBD 3:38
Status Active

Ciocie "Cio" Cioelle Estrella Von Maximus the Third[1] (if you pronounce her name in a particular way, a magical name will appear,[2] which calls to mind a similar naming[3]) is a blue devil and the former bookkeeper for the Gilded Cage Guild. A cigar chomping, kleptomaniac, compulsive liar,[4] Cio is known for her overbearing personality and a tendency to speak in a confusing dialect known as the Black Speech.[5] Cio is rather particular about storytelling.

She has a cousin with the unfortunate name of Effay Wygeeo.[6] Devils adopt each other and don't procreate as mortals do.[7]

Praman Nand, lord of the Gilded Cage Guild, is her husband,[8] and Oscar her ex-boyfriend. [9]

Cioelle carries a book containing fan fiction, spells and her Coat of Arms. The devil-made coat apparantly provides her with extra arms.[10]


She was former ebon devil named Yabalchoath[11] that was reduced to a blue after she stole a Key of Kings[3] from Mammon.[11]