82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil is something like a police officer in the Concordant Harmonies.[1][2] It is implied that this organization replaced the defunct Concordant Knights.[3] It should be noted that White Chain is a peacekeeper and not a police officer or a lawman.[4]

Confusingly, the name of both organizations and any meeting of angels is shortened to "the Concordance"[5] or called the "Concordance of Angels."[6][2]

White Chain is more or less the rare good cop who is not on the take. There are definitely a few others still as uncorrupted as her walking their beats in Throne. Not many, but a few.[7] White Chain is not the only peacekeeper in Throne.[8]


  • The 'badge' of the Concordant Harmonies seems to be the comb-like symbol of the preservers seen in the Dysk image.
  • Originally, White Chain would have had a fat angel partner (similar to the original look of Jagganoth) who would have investigated Allison's original plan for escaping Throne: a pact with Oscar to smuggle her out of the city.[9]

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