Classification Planet
Debut KSBD 2:28[1]

Earth is the home world of Allison and Zaid.


According to 82, there are 330,452[1] versions of Earth, so it is difficult to trace Allison's planet's history. However, one can infer that at some point in time, the universe containing Earth was annexed under the Pact of the Seven Part World. This universe is one of the Unconquered Realms[2] in the territory of Mottom,[3] but it would seem knowledge of this world is made public to citizens of Throne.

Three days before Allison lands in Throne, Zoss appears in Allison's bedroom on Earth with a Key of Kings. He is pursued by a horde of Thorn Knights,[4] who swiftly cut off his head. By some miracle Zoss survives, but Allison's boyfriend is captured and taken to the Concordance of the Demiurges. Zoss is then able to secure the key by transporting it off-world.


  • Based on her mannerisms, one can infer that Allison was born in a monotheistic, English-speaking nation.
  • Allison's Earth is another planet like Earth in it's own universe.[5] She is not actually from our Earth, canonically. She is from an Earth almost exactly like ours, except Australia doesn't exist.[6] That last part may be a joke.


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