An Emissary[1] is a high-ranking servant of The Seven,[2] to which they lend out their Keys of Kings.[1] It is rare for one of these individuals to operate alone.[1]

Spare keys operate under Highlander rules, being absorbed into other keys.[3] The Seven do not lend out actual keys. The Emissaries draw power from the Seven themselves.[4][5]

Jagganoth and Gog-Agog have none, while Solomon David has many.[6]

Known emissaries include Emissary Saharus of the Celestial Empire,[7] and a sullen and scarred guy next to Mottom.[8] One may have been seen in Hell 71.[9] Allison becomes the Emissary of Incubus.[10] 000001 is Mammon's only Emissary.[6]