KEN N'GOLL T'GULA AN ZOSS K'AON B'SOLL B'AYLL ONN T'BARO N'TE KEN'AO A - Goblin Inscription meaning "If ever ye doubt the hunger of man, look ye to the time when ZOSS wrestled with giants of stone and fire"[1]

Goblins like Omun Vash[2] are a race of Servants with four (or more depending on their expression[3]) huge nostrils and no eyes.[4] At least ones thinks that his nose is never wrong, even when identifying a Key of Kings.[5] They seem to have members that appear feminine.[6]

Some have many more nostrils[7] and some have huge mustaches.[6]

They have their own language.[8]

Goblins were made to clean the sewers and waterways of Throne.


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