Hastet Om. A man who picks his wives as though selecting beautiful flowers from a field. And he rips their petals off just as fast. - Au Vam[1]

Mottom is an appellation of "Mother Om", Nadia Om being the wife of the late God-King Hastet-Om[2] (also spelled Hastet Om).[1] Gog-Agog and Mottom both had significant others that figure significantly into their stories.[3] He is still around in some form.[4]

At a young age, he took Nadia as his wife due to her hair. He treated her as a jewel, not a human being, with implications of significant abuse.[1] He had an insatiable appetite for mistresses, which he treated brutally. Even after killing him and stealing his Key of Kings, Nadia found that he somehow still existed in an active and very lustful state.[5]