KSBD 1:5
Ksbd 1-5

Chapter Chapter 1
Page No. 5 / 17
Release April 29, 2013[1]
Previous KSBD 1:4
Next KSBD 1:6

KSBD 1:5 is the fifth offering of the first chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the sixth offering altogether.[1]

Synopsis Edit

The mysterious figure procures a Key of Kings, but the walls begin to crumble.[1]

Bonus Material Edit

YISUN on the conquering king:

A conquering king must come with violence in his self of selves. He must splay the guts of his enemy with no weapon but his heartstrings. His lips must spit sweet music that pulverizes his enemies, and his eyes must tell a brain-cleaving tale of loveliness. He must quench the sword of his tongue in the love of his enemies.

–Spasms 31:12[1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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