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KSBD 4:71
Ksbd 4-71

Chapter 4
Page No. 18
Release December 10, 2014[1]
Previous KSBD 4:70
Next KSBD 4:72-73

KSBD 4:71 is the twenty-first offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventy-seventh offering altogether.[1]


Zaid is shown suspended and inanimate while the Concordance of the Demiurges is called.[2] Meanwhile, Mottom rests on her throne, tapping listlessly.[1]

Bonus Material

Our lady’s quite a portly one,
But rarely does she eat.
She cracks apart the bones of God,
And sucks off all the meat.

–Bard's rhyme[1]

Secret Text

Her Divinity, Mother Om, or Mottom.[1]



  • This offering marks the first appearance of Zaid since his capture at the beginning of chapter one.
  • This offering contains the first true appearance of one of the Seven.


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