KSBD 4:78
Ksbd 4-78

Chapter 4
Page No. 25
Release February 12, 2015[1]
Previous KSBD 4:77
Next KSBD 4:79

KSBD 4:78 is the twenty-seventh offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the eighty-third offering altogether.[1]


The Seven sit atop the corpse of an enormous god located in the void. Slowly, Jadis utters the name of the successor to be Kill Six Billion Demons.

Bonus Material

Long live the king.

Secret Text

Don't wear it out.



  • The portrait of an unknown individual can be found by highlighting the page.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Abbadon (February 12, 2015). KSBD 4:78. Chapter 4. Pages 78.

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