KSBD 5:81
Ksbd 5-81

Chapter 5
Page No. 2
Release February 25, 2015[1]
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KSBD 5:81 is the second offering of the fifth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the eighty-sixth offering altogether.[1]


Allison rushes to the bathroom and utters something in Universal Metaconstant. While she coughs up a small demon into the sink, Marisa presses her about her whereabouts and Allison rushes into the shower.[1]

Bonus material

The necessity of communication across vast swathes of multidimensional space has gouged a deep and persistent need for the consumption of devil flesh. As useful as it is, the whole hideous process is prohibitively messy. Why, myself once spent a week passing a small blue devil and afterwards was only able to speak Goblin for my time spent straining and sweating in my bunk. It is far wiser to do away with the whole process and hire a Tellan or guilder, and save yourself the potential disfigurement.

—Preem Payapop Pritrum, foreword to Seat of the Gods[1]

Alt text

A change of pace[1]



  • This offering includes the first mention of Zaid's name.


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