The King's Road,[1][2] also known as the king's road,[3] the road of the Ruling King,[4][5] or the road[5] is a road which winds seven times through the Void and the Wheel.[4] It is a literal road between (possibly "impressions" of) the King's Doors in the Void,[6] where distance has no meaning and a thousand paces can cross a dozen universes.[7]

In the time of the gods, Prim traveled the road,[4] as did Het during a time when the Law was broken,[8] and they eventually met.[9]

Higher technology, especially weapons, is tightly controlled by the demiurges and coveted by the guilds. It is not easy to come by a modern-level gunsmith in Throne, so one would have to get such a weapon through the King's Road, which is a risky business.[1] This also means that the Road leads to Throne.

The shades of beasts of burden dissipate upon entering the void (as their souls are too weak[10]), and automatons degrade if left unattended, necessitating the use of bound demons or the shades of the dead for transport if one does not want to walk.[6]

The Holy Thorn Knights and rogue angels travel the Kings' Road.[3] The keeping of the road is left to the Peregrine Knights.[11]


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