The four orders of Knights were founded by the Demiurges.[1]

Geas Edit

The Geas Knights are described as "unknown by name, the seeker proud and true, his endless quest hath rent the stars yet known is he by few."[1] Ingsvld is a Geas Knight.

Geas knights dedicate their lives to a single task. It can be something general and innocuous, such as protecting the weak, or it can be something life consuming, such as a search for a fabled sword, or restoration of a king. [2]

Belligerent Edit

The Belligerent Knights, or bloody knights, are described as "her edge tastes skulls and lives, the viscera of common men and royalty besides."[1]

Peregrine Edit

The Peregrine Knights are described as "whose bell always rings the crack of breaking day, it's nameless peal will drive the ceaseless evil from the ways."[1] Kierinsaval is a Peregrine Knight.

Peregrine knights are tasked with the maintenance of shrines and the King’s Road. They spend their entire lives walking and staying in pilgrim’s shrines, none of which they stay at for long out of custom. They also work closely with the angels to maintain order and the monastery-fortresses that certain angels hold. [3]

Mendicant Edit

The Mendicant Knights, or beggar knights, are described as "roughly clad and shod, he lives as though he were a beast, but fights he as a God."[1] Maya is a Mendicant Knight.

Angelic Knights Edit

Unrelated to the above, angels are grouped into their own knightly orders, such as the defunct Concordant Knights, the rogue Thorn Knights, and the police-like Concordant Harmonies.

Modern angles are grouped into the Thorn Knights, the Petal Knights, and the Root Knights.[4]

References Edit

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