Koss is the caretaker of Throne and god-craftsman of the Multiplicity. He created three of the four orders of Inheritors[1].


Koss working the Flame Immortal

History Edit

Koss built the Sun of Throne, although it is broken as there is no longer any god to fix it.[2]

Koss was the caretaker of heaven, and had a considerable amount of work in his workshop. Indeed, he had to repair the armors, weapons while doing Throne's maintenance, and the other gods despised for him and paid him no respect.[3]

When he grew tired of this ungrateful work, he fetch the Immortal Flame of YISUN and crafted it into the orders of Servants and Protectors. He casted the Hot, Black Flame out in the Void, and later, men reached it, masked it, named it and bent it to their will.[4]


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