Affiliation The Seven
Gender Unknown

Mammon, also known as "The Grand Dragon",[1] is one of the Seven Lords of Infinity.[2]

Mammon is of a race called the Kind People,[3] and his title of Grand Dragon is just a title that has to do with his hobby[4] which is related to greed.[5] It is implied based on his title that it involves the piling of gold.

Mammon controls the Bank of the Grand Dragon, which Mottom has commissioned to help maintain the splendor of the Palace of Radiance.[6]


  • Mammon is the primary antagonist of Book 3.
  • In the March 2016 Patreon hangout, ABBADON mentioned that if Pryan Sor had delivered the bones to Mammon, Mammon would have monotonously accepted them and moved on so long as the proper paperwork was included.


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