Men[1] (also known as Humans,[2] People,[3] Aesma's Mistake,[1][4] or more properly the Perceivers[3]) are one of four orders of Inheritors who inhabit the Wheel.

Highly abundant, robust, and intelligent, men are physically diverse and loose estimates place their population in the hundreds of billions.[5] From the statement "Man cut the multiverse, not god", humans, demiurges, and many other unnamed servant species are all considered "men" in a different sense.[6][7]


According to the creation myths in Atru, the gods forged the four order of Inheritors so as to sustain and perceive their mightiest works.[8] Humans make up the Perceivers.[3] The myth goes that servants were created first, then angels, followed by men and devils.[9][5]

In a devil's story[1] that is at least partially true,[4] humans were made from the warm black flame, an inquisitive flame from YIS' heart.[1] Ashma forged them out of jealousy after Koss created the Servants.[1] The first human was a woman named Metia.[10] They were mortal (the only true mortals[4]), but each had the ability to imagine their own universe,[1] an ability that may have inspired the gods' suicide in the forging of the Wheel.[1][11]

Humans were created in Throne and then banished. This fact features in a few of their creation myths.[12] Creationism is real in the KSBD universe.[13] It is presumed that humans lived in Throne for a time, though it is unknown how their banishment coincides with the death of the gods, or how they left the city. Obviously, Throne was at some point abandoned except for the Prime Angels,[14] and humans inhabited their own universes.[10]


Anatomically, all men possess standard humanoid features: a single head, one set of arms and legs, and the tendency to stand upright. However, the similarities end there since features like hair distribution, skin tone, height, and physical composition vary among individuals. Several people are known to have blue, gold, purple, or reddish skin, for example.


  • Servants and humans can all do the same things, the difference is primarily that servants are immortal unless killed, and humans naturally age and die. Servants also are bound by their proclivity for whatever their race was forged for, so humans tend to have a stronger will and potential for power.[15]
  • In an earlier version of the story, humans were the "Black Daughters of YIS",[16] but this idea was scrapped for the current idea of the warm black flame.[2]
  • Due to their nature, human shades are colored black, unlike the Servants' souls which are white.


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