Metatron 1,[1] a neutron angel,[2] is a prime angel and God's scribe.[1] No angels remember the gods, save Metatron.[3] Unlike most angels,[4] Metatron wears his armor in the Void (or uniquely has skin that looks like stone and is bleeding birds).[1]

After Zoss shattered the bodies of the primes, he chased their souls to the Void and learned of Metatron 1. He killed the rest of the primes, but left Metatron 1 alive to torture the 777,777 names of God out of him and create the Keys of Kings.[1] Unlike all other angels, Metatron never died.[5]

While crippled, he founded the Holy Thorn Knights to sterilize Throne,[6] something that they still want to do,[7] though he later saw the error in this[6] and decided to turn Zaid as The Successor into a new singular ruler of heaven, this time someone worthy of taking the place of YISUN.[8]

Currently, METATRON LIVES[9] motionless on the edge of the field of dead prime angels that are awaiting reincarnation, next to a platform that the Thorn Knights meet at. Though crippled, he seems to be able to move his head and eyes,[6] as well as speak.[10]


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