Mykos is a planet in one of the 111,111 universes ruled by Mottom. Formerly home to luminescent trees of dark wood that the natives used to build ornate wagons covered in their family histories, the trees were destroyed due to Mottom liking their fruit.[1]

The sage-poet Avsa Galman wrote Age of Fire, which is said to be an early account of the conquering of Mykos by the god-queen Mother Om. In it he tells how one hundred thousand men from the seven great nations of the world were rent into pieces my Mottom and her forces.[2] Revealed to be but one world of many, all of Mykos' resources were stripped to sate the hunger of Mottom and her followers.[3]

Now Mottom demands a hundred maidens, like Nyave Anyadis, every time she visits the world[4] for an unknown purpose.[5]

References Edit

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