Pursuers War

(From left to right) The Pursuers Blue Bellied Meng, Red Tusked Saar, and Yanyi fight in the guild war of Hell 71.


The Pursuers[1][2] are (at first fourteen or sixteen) powerful individuals all in pursuit of Allison's Key of Kings after the battle of Hell 71. With the possible exception of the team of Blue Bellied Meng and Red Tusked Saar, each member appears to be independent and has their own motives for obtaining a key, either for themselves or a well-paying guild.

At least dozens of them, along with Maya, White Chain, Juggernaut Star, and the forces of Mottom all attacked each other and Allison in one of the many halls of the Palace of Radiance during an event known as the War of the Teacups.[3]

There ended up being 108 of them.

Known MembersEdit