The Screaming Roc is one of three legendary beasts mentioned in Aesma and the Three Masters and Prim and the Mendicant Knight. It is said to hold up the Throne and is capable of teaching discipline over one's language.[1] Known as the interstellar scourge of thirty worlds, the Roc can rend stars and just one of its feathers can generate winds with the power of a hurricane.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • All three of the legendary beasts emerge from Middle Eastern mythology. The roc is traditionally depicted as an enormous winged creature; the earliest mentions of it come from the writings of Marco Polo and the folk tales in Arabian Nights. The leviathan and the behemoth, meanwhile, are discussed in the Biblical book of Job, where the leviathan is a destructive sea creature and the behemoth dwells on land.

References Edit

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