The Second Conquest is an ongoing conflict where the Demiurges seek to unite the multiverse that is the Wheel with the King's Doors.[1]

The Second Conquest began with each of the demiurges returning from Throne to rule the universes that they originated from, opening up Throne to everyone. This decision also started off the counting of Years after Second Conquest (Year S.C.). How long ago the second conquest started is unknown, but there is indication that the year 0 S.C. may have been almost 2000 years ago,[2] however there was also an earlier hint that the subsequent Universal War raged 3000 or 4000 years ago.[3]: The exact timeframe has not been specified.

Eventually, the demiurges went mad and sought to rule all universes themselves, killing each other over the inheritance of Zoss.[4] Only The Seven survived the Universal War, and they continue to expand their dominion into the Unconquered Realms.[5] It will be followed by the prophesied Third Conquest.