Cio creates an army of paper soldiers using the Art.

The Art, short for the Art of Lying to the Face of God,[1] is a general term for the magical disciplines. There are two known variants of the Art, white arts and red arts.[2] Most deities seem to be knowledgeable about the Art, though some are arguably more proficient than others. In contrast, far fewer inheritors possess the ability to use the Art and those who can vary wildly in terms of relative power.

Thorn Knights, for example, demonstrate the ability to travel through space-time,[3] but their mastery over this system pales in comparison to Jagganoth, a member of the Seven.[4] Furthermore, use of the Art does not appear to be limited to the person who casted the magic, as Zoss has been shown transporting Allison to and from Throne, both directly and indirectly.[5][6]

White arts

The white arts of Division, less commonly known as the Way of Two,[7] are the most commonly seem form of the Art so far. Usage of this system dates back thousands of years, as the gods are said to have used Division to transcend creation.[8] According to 82, Vatra also study Division, so it is implied knowledge of this art has been passed down or rediscovered over the ages.[2]

This system has varying uses, two notable examples being the ability to split objects and the ability to move through space-time. The Magus Gates are especially potent in this regard, as they grant one the power to move instantly through various states of reality[9] or destroy entire worlds.

Known techniques


Allison's shade, cast by division magic.

Annihilation: The user destroys a target by force of will. By using this power, the gods are said to have transcended reality.[10]

Pattram Sword Hand: Through Universal Division the user strikes an opponent, draining them of vital fluids. The victim is then split violently into thirty pieces.[11]

Teleportation:[12] The user's essence becomes separated from his or her body, revealing a naked, jet-black form of the person.[13] This is known as casting a shade.[9] If the destination is in the physical world, the user's body will reassemble in a new location.[14] If the user attempts to enter the void, the user will instead assume control of their shade.[15]

Red arts

The red arts of dominion have yet to be explained in detail, but Vatra also use this system according to 82.[2]

The red art involves affecting other people. Lying in a way that convinces their will that they are something else (like without a head).[16]

Techniques of unknown origin

Floating boats wiki

Floating boats at the Palace of Radiance

Paper soldiers: The user speaks a short chant which transforms into a red strand. The strand is then threaded through a stack of paper men which suddenly increase in size, sending enemies flying outward. The user can freely manipulate the movement of the paper, either to cleave a target to to form a defensive wall.[17][18][19]

Shapeshifting: The user transforms his or her body, clothing, or both.[20][4]

Space-time manipulation: The user manipulates space-time, gaining the ability to move incredibly quickly or even intercept people moving through reality.[21][4]

Floating Boats: Changed through the Art to ignore natural laws, carved stone or wood boxes at the middle of a ship allow it to float. Their manufacture is extremely difficult and guild-dominated.[22]

Notable Users


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