The Successor,[1][2] or The Rising King,[3] also known by the name Kill Six Billion Demons,[4] is the titular prophesied figure of Kill Six Billion Demons.

The ProphesyEdit

At the Concordance of the Demiurges, Jadis of The Seven, who is like a very accurate talking mirror,[5] again[2] prophesied the following:

The king of creation fell out of heaven, usurped by a seven headed beast. But the old king shall choose a new, and he will ignite the third conquest. He will be flanked by a white and a black flame, his coming will be followed by 108 burning stars. He will bear the terrible heat of the voice in his brow, the mark of his lordliness. He will face the beast- and he will annihilate it. He will wield the terrible blade of want, and the pillars of heaven will quake with his coming. And his name will be...[6] Kill Six Billion Demons.[4]

What she actually said was "He... Is... The... Successor. S-S S-S-S Kill Six Billion Demons."[6][4] The rest was spoken by the translator and is fallible.[7]

A fragment of another prophecy says:

Lo! And there was one, who had a name of seven parts in seven, and it was a shining name, and it's words were writ with the Flame that nourishes creation! He came in his chariot, whose rims were the Wheel, and pulled by the four beasts that dwell at the foot of YISUN. Such heat issued from his mouth as to scorch all the stones of heaven – it was a terrible sight, even to the faithful. Oh God![3]

Supporters of the Successor being the singular king of Throne are known as Royalists, even if they are the one who killed the last king.[8]

Identity of the SuccessorEdit

While readers know that it is probably Allison Ruth, the protagonist of the story, there are multiple candidates in-universe for the position:


Allison is named as Kill Six Billion Demons by Zoss, and he gives her the task that Jadis explains.[9] Zoss may have been making do with the option that he had left after Zaid was taken.[10] There are seven letters in "Allison" and six syllables in "Allison Wanda Ruth" (which matches the count in YS ATUN VRAMA PRESH, as the seventh syllable is not spoken with a tongue of flesh)[11] matching the requirement of a name of seven parts in seven in one of the prophesies.[3]

The name Allison is also similar to All-Yis-Un, though this might just be a convenient coincidence.


Zaid is considered to be the Successor by the Seven,[1] who are concerned with this prophecy.[4]

Metatron 1 also considers Zaid the Successor.[12] The Holy Thorn Knights were sent to kill Zoss, retrieve his key, and bring Zaid to Metatron, but failed due to personal pride and hatred of Zoss.[13] The Thorn Knights may have kidnapped the wrong person.[10]

2 Micheal agrees with this.[3]


Incubus has known about Allison since at least the events of Hell 71,[14] and has personally contacted her despite not being at the Concordance of the Demiurges.[15] Something is up with that.


A one-eyed figure that implicitly claims that his name is Kill Six Billion Demons was also watching the Concordance of the Demiurges from the Void[16] when Allison was.[4]