The dead
Debut KSBD 2:32[1]
Occupation Beasts of burden and vagrants
Gender Various/none
Status Dead

In Throne, the dead are ubiquitous and harmless - though near mindless, they futilely mimic life. Mostly used as beasts of burden, couriers, or door keepers by the common and powerful alike, many take pity on them.[2]

Persistent shades can be pulled and bound into dead flesh or clay to create servants and mounts. Some people do this to themselves as a kind of contingency plan should they die. The living dead are not truly sapient though.[3]

They greet passersby, possibly harassing them for money, which it is against city ordinance to give them.[1] This is because they cause all kinds of noise with their panhandling and are public nuisances. Nobody wants the dead on the streets, there is a popular ballot measure in several districts to have them banned completely.[4] The attitude towards the dead is similar to some contemporary attitudes towards illegal immigrants.[5] A wall will be built around Throne and the Umbral Thrice-Crowned Lords of the Undying Masters are going to pay for it.[6]


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