Undying Lords
Key People Arat
Residency Throne
Debut KSBD 2:32
Status Active

The Undying Lords are a group of kings with headquarters located in Throne.[1] They rule over the undead.[2]

If you die and you have a strong will, your soul may actually persist as a Shade in the void for some time. Eventually it will fade away into nothingness.[3] Persistent shades can be pulled and bound into dead flesh or clay to create servants and mounts. Some people do this to themselves as a kind of contingency plan should they die. The living dead are not truly sapient though.[4] To get around the degradation, some evil wizards bind multiple shades into a single corpse, forming a single amalgamated entity that remains intelligent for a longer time. These creatures are often used for unclean or untouchable jobs, such as butchers. They advocate for their unintelligent kin.[5]


Following the Battle of Hell 71, associates of the Undying Lords place a bounty on Allison's head.[6]

Known members


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