Zoss speaks

Zoss speaks in U.M. after appearing in Allison's bedroom.

Universal Metaconstant,[1] often abbreviated as U.M., is the spoken language of Throne. The Black Speech of devils is derived from U.M.

Description Edit

According to Abbadon, U.M. only has an alphabet when engaging the low speech,[2] which can be seen untranslated in some places in the comic. Names and other terms may be transliterated into the Latin alphabet in a more or less systematic way (though some names have variants).

"Aesma", "Asma", and "Ashma" refer to the same person, for example, while the word "ATUN" (meaning praise) is also seen as "ATYN".[3] Payam's name is given as "Pavam" when 82 recites the Prayer and the name "YISUN" is written as Y-S-U-N when spelled out loud.[4]

Transliterated terms are always written in capital letters. In this system, it seems the letters "V" and "Y" represent liquid consonants [5] as shown by the words "YTTR", the prefix "YS-", "IMVTTR", and "VAM".

Script / Alphabet Edit

The script, as depicted in the comic so far, has been used in a rather consistant way, and several rules can be assumed when it comes to composing characters. There are basic characters, which can be put together to form more complex ones, which probably also alters their pronounciation. Note that by far the most inscriptions seen on Throne are not examples of U.M, but some may be derived languages. It also possible that Mottom's curse is also composed of derived characters.


So far, there have been in-comic examples of how to write Mammon (spelled MO-MO-N on the most basic level), Nadia Om (spelled NO-D-A O-M), Incubus (spelled IN-KYU-FS) and Yisun (spelled YS-UN). The astute reader will notice that the letter O in the writing for both Mottom and Mammon is used for both "A" and "O": This might mean that these vowels are pronounced alike in Metaconstant. The way that the letter A has been used in Mottom's name might mean that it is pronounced more like "IA": Usage of the same vowel in the names IA-gonoth and IA-dis might yet confirm or refute this speculation.

Abbadon has also released bonus material, most notably about YS-PRAVI, UN-HANSA and UN-SIVRAN (all spelled just like that), which seems to confirm the in-comic letters and adding more. Due to the speculated Y-V dichotomy mentioned above, the depicted transliteration uses the letter F instead of V, although it is possible that this F is meant as a spoken "VE" or "VU". As the consonants of "PR" and "FR" share common attributes, we can assume that they are derived from a common base, thus revealing probable base letters for F, P and R.)

Vocabulary Edit

The most comprehensive example of Universal Metaconstant is written in the Third Middle Hym, a prayer of the Mendicant Knights:

VM ASRA, VM ITTM (To the sky, to the other-side that is not sky)
YISUN PATTM ATTRA AM (YISUN is the Universal Lord)
AUN VS UTTR (Of nothing he was)
AUN VS YA (And nothing he is now)
YTTR AM! (What a paradox!)
ATOMUS UNSM (We must constantly seek salvation and perfection through division.)
VM ITTR A VSK PRET (Seek heaven through violence.)
YISUN ATUN! (Praise YISUN!)[1]

From this passage, several terms can be properly defined, while the word "ATUM" is defined in chapter two on a signpost.

  • ASRA: noun (sky, heaven)
  • ATUM: noun (body)[6]
  • ATUN: verb (praise)
  • ITTM: noun (lit. that which is not sky)
  • VM: verb (seek, go to)

Titles and honorifics Edit

  • Pankrator — an official title designated to people of extraordinary high social status; only Jagganoth and Au Vam are known to hold this title
    • It is very likely the term Pankrator is derived from Pantocrator, which is a Greek title held by Jesus that means "almighty" or "all-powerful".
  • Pre — a diminutive of pree, it is used as a term of endearment[7]
  • Pree — a respectful term used exclusively when referring to women[7]
  • Preem — a term of respect and a shortened version of the word supreme; it is almost always used when referring to men[7]
  • Yot — a title of unknown connotations
  • Ys — a title given to deities born of YIS[8]
  • Un — a title given to deities born of UN[8]

Trivia Edit

  • For humans who have not consumed blue devil liquor, U.M. is completely unintelligible, but those who have appear to have no difficulty speaking or understanding it.[9][10]