The Universal War

One of the many bloody battles during The Universal War

The Universal War is a large-scale conflict which led to the destruction of innumerable worlds, people, and cultures. Details about the War are still unclear; however most scholars believe it started as a result of excessive corruption among the demiurges following the Second Conquest and the development of the Magus Gates. Indeed, after the opening of Throne to the other worlds, many people seized power to become Demiurges, but they were Demiurges of a lesser power and mental purity[1]. During the War, only seven demiurges are thought to have survived. The angels suffered severe casualties, leading to a massive cultural schism which still exists in the present day. Furthermore, the War was critical for the establishment of the Seven, a small coalition of demiurges who rose to power following the Pact of the Seven Part World.


Organized combatants

Independent combatants