As you know, our main page is downright terrible, as it hasn't changed for about a month (i.e. when the site started). At this point I'm comfortable enough stealing content from other wikis and adapting it for our purposes, so I'm wondering what ideas you have for content and design. Here are some of mine to start.

  • A link to the editor's manual, which needs to be updated
  • A link to some major works of literature
  • A slider of character images, offerings, featured images?
  • Notes from the editor/recent blog posts
  • Latest offerings, going down the list with dates listed
  • A guide to guilds/fauna/religion/history/technology... (WIP)

Random Wiki Samples

  1. Very nice header.
  2. Another nice header example.
  3. Sliders.
  4. Very simple, nothing fancy.
  5. Tight, compact, busy.
  6. Meh.
  8. Nice example of a tabbed display?
  9. I like this one.

If there's anything I noticed on these sites, it should be simple. Not a lot of scrolling, but with a readable layout. The yugioh wiki is probably one of the better examples.

Also, 2 questions again. Is the background image visible for everyone? It doesn't show on some resolutions. Can anyone shop the KSBD header to have a transparent background? I'd like to remove the grey background.

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