Xixo Vong

Xixo Vong

The Xixo Vong were created to serve as administrators and clerks. Though they have short lives of only twenty to thirty years, they are birthed in clutches in multiples of six (6/12/18, etc), and those born in the same clutch have resonant and quantum-entangled nervous systems that allow them to share sensation, memory, and even (to a limited degree) thought over any distance.

After the Gods left Throne, the Xixo Vong were shepherded to a world of their own, which supported dozens of enormous and thriving Hive States. When Throne was reopened, the Xixo society had advanced enough to produce their own demiurge - the infamous X!ii X!ipp.

X!ii was extremely ambitious, and during the second conquest, while her fellow kings were busy turning their attentions outwards, she established her own Hive State in Ashton, undergoing the metamorphosis into Xixo Queen and declaring herself independent from the Old Law.

Her rebellion would have been short lived had not X!ii used her greatly extended queen-morph lifespan to teach her daughters to transform their unique minds into a deadly fighting art, which was called Unfolding Death. Xixo White Crest clutch-sisters were indoctrinated in this deadly art, taught to hate, and specially bred in clutches of 36, able to think as one mind and use each other’s bodies as shield, weapon, or scaffolding. The Hive became untouchable.

X!ii's body was devoured by her successor, as was custom, and the X!ipp line remains in power to this day. The Xixo Vong can be found across the multiverse, as diverse and ambitious as any other race, thought they still make the customary lifetime pilgrimage to re-unite with their clutch-sisters before they die. The Hive has liberalized heavily in recent centuries and is once again mostly pacifist, with a booming tourism industry, though the intensely xenophobic White Crest still hold a troubling amount of power.[1]

When the Xixo were created, they were forged as one being - an immortal multiplicity that shared a single mind, and whose parts and bodies would wear out over time. A Xixo hive is actually a being of this type writ in lesser form, with the queen (melded to the hive) as its nervous system.

Over time, and for unknown reasons, the mental link between all Xixo was broken, giving rise to the clutch-sister phenomenon. Some Xixo still regard themselves as the same being (the words Xixo Vong translate roughly to ‘many in one’), but this has largely shrunk to a quasi-religious belief. Other servant races deride the Xixo for their flaw, comparing them often to humans.

Interestingly, the Xixo have very weak soul flames, but they strengthen in the presence of other Xixo, leading them to travel in groups when traversing the Void.[2]