The Yamga

The Yamga[1] is a ship that was stolen from the fleet around the Palace of Radiance by Cio and Princess[2] in order to rescue Allison and 82 from Mottom.[1]

After stealing it, they ran into Nyave and threw the captain overboard.[2] She remembers meeting them first.[3] The captain of the Yamga was quite fine from the fall, as it turned out. He retired at age 40 due to the massive insurance policy he had taken out on his ship, then found out a week later that his creditors had fled the Red City and were now living hedonistic lifestyles as warlord accountants on one of the pleasure worlds of the Golden Army. So it goes.[2]

Allison teleported it away with her Key of Kings,[4] and has declared the ship to be hers.[5]

The ship flies through a carved stone or wood box at the middle of the ship that has been changed through the Art to ignore natural laws.[6] It is capable of flying through the infinite nothing[7] outside of Throne.[2] This magic box resembles a typical engine, running on unbound devils secured with vacus needles.[8]