The Yellow City is a notable location outside of Throne. Meti is from this location.[1]

Au Vam, a demiurge,[2] has been described as "Pankrator of the Yellow City,"[3] "Pankrator of Vesh, ruler of the Yellow City"[2] "Pankrator of the Yellow City of Vesh",[4] and the Yellow City's "king."[1] Vesh is likely the location of the city, if not its name.

"Hierophant of Vesh" exists as a title.[5]

At one point, Par Vam was the Undersecretary of the Yellow City.[6]

It is possible to travel between the Yellow City and "the Lunar dominions" on foot, though this may have been an example of a superhuman feat.[1] The Middle Army had or has a presence here.[1]

At some point, one could purchase a Void Trader's manual in the Yellow City underwarrens.[7]

References Edit

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