Epithet The Ruling King[1]
The Conquering King[2]
The Master of the Universe[2]
The King of Kings[2]
Debut Chapter 1[3]
Occupation King of Throne (former)
Classification Demiurge
Gender Male
Status Active

Zoss[4] is a demiurge and former Lord of Throne.[1][4] After the gods were self-annihilated, Zoss inherited creation and reigned as its undisputed leader until the Universal War. Since then he has been missing,[5][6] likely presumed dead, but it appears the Seven know something of his whereabouts.[7]


Eons after YISUN's holy suicide and the annihilation of the Multiplicity, Zoss would become the inheritor of creation. By using dark science he sought to meet God, but ended up discovering a fragment of the Universal Song and breached the gates of heaven. For countless ages Throne had remained unoccupied, guarded only by the last attendants of the gods - the prime angels. But upon his advent, Zoss defeated the Primes, becoming the Conquering King and the first Master of the Universe.[2]

With the firmament breached, others soon ascended to the seat of creation. These demiurges found Throne undefended and gathered amid the ruins of the prime angels, bearing witness to its conqueror. Zoss thus became the Ruling King of Throne, and soon after led the demiurges to rebuild the great works of the gods and rule over creation as a society of god-kings.[1][8]

Zoss held dominion over Throne for an unspecified amount of time, but his reign was ended at the dawn of the Universal War. Somehow, he was not among the seven victors and disappeared until recently, likely presumed dead.

Then one day, Zoss re-emerged in the bedroom of Allison Ruth, followed by a great horde of riders. The riders beheaded Zoss, who by some miracle was not killed instantly. He then bestowed a Key of Kings upon Allison, using its power to send her to Throne. Several days later he would again reappear, this time on the white side of the Wheel. Through some unknown means Zoss was still alive, but spoke urgently and admitted he had already been killed once. There he bestowed the title of Sovereign upon Allison and pleaded with her to kill six billion demons. Later, he appeared before Allison behind the corpse-tree of Hastet Om, encouraging her to steel her resolve in order to use the power of her key correctly before disappearing into a cloud of dead leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears that Zoss' birth world remains unconquered.[9]
  • Zoss is an ardent student of the path of Royalty, which may make death trivial to him in some way as he appeared before Allison twice since his own beheading.[10]
  • Zoss is wearing a suit of angel armor the first time we see him in chapter 1 and in KSBD 4-71.[11] He is so badass that he is wearing a dead angel, which should be impossible because angel armors are not made for human-shaped occupants.[12]
  • Zoss has a robot arm.[13]


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